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Es gibt ein neues Fachbuch über die Familie Dynastidae, Our second book, made up by specialist in Dynastidae family, who described 2 new species;Eremobothynus hirsuta and Golofa wagneri, Esteban I. Abadie, Paschoal Coelho Grossi and Pablo S. Wagner This book is a comprehensive compilation of illustrations from this Dynastidae family. An easy identification is possible for both, amateurs and researchers, interested in this fascinating insect group. It contains very easy explanations to classify similar beetles; it can also be found information about collecting data. About 180 different species illustrated from these tribes: Cyclocephalini, Agaocephalini, Pentodontini, Oryctini, Dynastini and Phileurini including: new species, holotypes and paratypes. In many cases there are males, females and lateral views. Complete checklist of beetles from study area. ISBN: 978-987-05-4751-8 Technical Information: • 180 different species • 40 full color plates with 5 to 12 picture by plate • Complete geographical distribution from all species • More than 330 pictures of insects, full color • Types, paratypes, holotypes • New species discovered 2006 / 2008 • Endemic species, very rare • Illustrated males and females when big dismorphism • 120 pages • Complete check list of all species into study area • Complete list of Genus no illustrate • Language: English • Size of the book: 22 x 16 cm • High quality paper • Promotional price : U$D 80.00
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